17 Photos That Prove We All Do And Think The Same Weird Shit


We're all pretty much the same person when it comes to weird little habits.


  1. Posted by kirbyfangs, — Reply

    My earth science teacher usually does this to me if I get a high score. because he wants everyone else (like 95% of the class) to know who worked hard I guess

  2. Posted by valenceequilibrium, — Reply

    Once my teacher started to hand my paper to me like this, saw my panicked expression, said "just kidding" and flipped it over to show it was 100%. T-T

  3. Posted by madhouse011, — Reply

    Alternatively, you know you aced it when your teacher says, very loudly, "you really slacked off on this test" or something along those lines

  4. Posted by belle7335, — Reply

    The other day my History teacher handed my project grade to me like that and I got so mf scared but then it was a 100% but yea this is true

  5. Posted by isabellaruppelt, — Reply

    It’s either you did bad- or you did good and are sitting next to someone who did bad and the teacher is trying to not look like they’re hiding the kids score cause they did bad / doesn’t want them to feel even worse about person next to them doing so much better

  6. Posted by krothauser, — Reply

    My teacher does this to everyone so no one knows who fails. Granted the people who fail have contests on who failed the most.

  7. Posted by ImaWatermellon, — Reply

    Every teacher I've ever had hands my papers back like that??? I rarely get a grade bellow a 70 and usually they are in 85+

  8. Posted by AestheticLight_37, — Reply

    Yup my history teacher flips it over if it’s bad and gives it up if it’s good... not one time has he given it to me up...🤣

  9. Posted by callmeseb999, — Reply

    I think theres some teachers that hand all the tests back like that so no one just sees what you get, right?

  10. Posted by leafybugswastaken, — Reply

    My teachers hand it like that to everyone so no one will feel uncomfortable if they get a bad score

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