36 Ice Cold Memes From The Back Of The Fridge


Refreshing memes to quench that thirst.


  1. Posted by aggitated_slytherynnn, — Reply

    I read this and threw my head back laughing then hit my head on the window sill. I might be concussed. Worth it 😂

  2. Posted by caiuslusch, — Reply

    So thats wut it looks like on the other side of the wooden table while your dog tries to act cute for food.

  3. Posted by Albie_the_dragon, — Reply

    What goes on just below the surface that we don’t know about 😂

  4. Posted by angelicastern2007, — Reply

    How come this dogs teeth look better than mine!

  5. Posted by comicbooksaga, — Reply

    I admit, the dog got a clean lookin’ grill lol

  6. Posted by nevaehsally, — Reply

    He has whiter teeth then me!!!! What am I doing wrong O.O

  7. Posted by iluvcreation, — Reply

    Your dog is so cute

  8. Posted by happysloth123, — Reply


  9. Posted by ChalkyCliffs, — Reply

    Renessaince painting

  10. Posted by matthewshanejoh, — Reply


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