50 Easy Crafts to Make and Sell


Easy crafts and DIY ideas you can make and sell on Etsy or at craft fairs. Making money does not have to take tons of time with these DYI projects.


  1. Posted by jamie_154813, — Reply

    I tired this craft and it worked out great. I started making 6 with only 1 ballon deflating on me. I think that was due to the heat in the garage where I hung them to dry. I made 7 more all different sizes. Love these

  2. Posted by alliecorsey, — Reply

    Super cute but difficult mine was super messy and u need a dedicated out of the way spot for overnight and make sure there r no bald spots for the best results but it is a great decoration

  3. Posted by alanabarrett96, — Reply

    Don't do it outside in the cold or with water balloons, they deflate before the glue can set. Also, warm colors tend to look better.

  4. Posted by gracemccargar, — Reply

    I fAiled when I tried, I used the stiffy spray, but how long do you need to wait for it to dry? Also, when I popped the balloon inside, it shriveled up and I couldn’t get it out! Any tips?

  5. Posted by jordynbieberitz, — Reply

    It was a little messy 😬 and it can be hard to tell when pop the balloon. It all feel apart. But otherwise it's a super cute idea! ❤️😄

  6. Posted by kskittery, — Reply

    This failed for me as I let it dry for ages but when I popped the balloon it shrivelled up into a ball. It might work for someone else!

  7. Posted by erinwoods592, — Reply

    really good love this diy and so affordable thanks so much it worked brilliantly and was much better than i thought it would be.

  8. Posted by DesignStackco, — Reply

    I always wondered if this really works, but judging by the comments, it definitely look like it does. Great project.

  9. Posted by kaylabug_, — Reply

    These were very cute in the ending, but were very messy and they take a long time to dry and they are VERY fragile.

  10. Posted by twade73, — Reply

    I tried it, and it didn't work out so well... a huge mess. It was a fun activity to try though!!

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