asuan-like outfit


asuan-like outfit


  1. Posted by tenshichan2014, — Reply

    There's no way that her legs don't feel at least a little numb. Somebody please get this girl some properly fitted clothes before the circulation in her legs cuts off completely

  2. Posted by SeraphStray, — Reply

    Im again reminded that I hate pinterest comments. Cant people just draw sexy shit? It doesnt need to make sense. Please. PLEASE shut up c:

  3. Posted by painsla, — Reply

    Isso deve ta doendo muito vei,se ja doi pra mim quando boto uma calsa meio apertada,imagina pra ela e alias....comia de boa (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Posted by vargasosvaldo814, — Reply

    You guys are literal assholes, trying to make your selves feel better while making fun of her art, it's her design, anime doesn't have to be realistic and at the end of the day you guys are absolutely nobody to the artist because they don't know you, I hope they never will because you guys are just pieces of shit. I mean ,damn.

  5. Posted by fa1rygrl, — Reply

    girl if you don’t take off those shorts watch yo pussy turn blu-

  6. Posted by IndigoStars001, — Reply

    First of all, I love it. Second of all, how does she walk with all the circulation to her legs cut off lol

  7. Posted by smolbbbirb, — Reply

    Normal people draw hands behind the character to avoid drawing them, this person didn’t do that and I respec

  8. Posted by safin2010, — Reply

    Everyone in the comments: ew to tight how does she walk “pouts like a two year old” me: cool, nice art 👍

  9. Posted by Radegast12, — Reply

    That looks uncomfortable af for the thighs

  10. Posted by PointlessOtaku, — Reply

    I’m okay with her being thick and all but...don’t those shorts hurt? They’re a little tight...

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