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  1. Posted by joscelynlosew, — Reply

    This is what we call a palindrome just like taco cat, race car, Hannah, Bob, and February 2, 2020 (02-02-2020) it’s when something is the same when reversed.

  2. Posted by chayennelara, — Reply

    Oh my god, it actually is. If you change the spacing. Without changing, it's Dam m'I timmad but if you change the spaces it is actually Damnit I'm mad.

  3. Posted by sammiecer, — Reply

    hey guys! 🌺🌺 I’ve been working hard on my account lately and I was wondering if you could stop by take a look and a follow would be great!! :) I follow back if I like your pins⭐️ my goal is 100 by the end of the month ⭐️

  4. Posted by Ravenafton334, — Reply

    1. Kiss your left hand 2. Say the name of your love/crush 3. Close your hand 4. Say the name of a weekday 5. Say your name 6. Open your hand 7. Paste this to 15 comment sections and the day that you said in step 4 he/she will tell you that they like you. If you don’t your crush will never come forward and confront you

  5. Posted by notmuselk, — Reply

    Dammit im mad

  6. Posted by nikki_4918, — Reply

    When you realize your childhood is just your free trial to life and when college hits it’s when you start paying monthly 🥺

  7. Posted by cheyenna557, — Reply

    Fucking hell, Ethan 😂 this is how you’re gonna be remembered now

  8. Posted by donutdacreator, — Reply

    This entire comment section is just 50% Todo (not complaining), 30% “DAMMIT-“ and 20% “iT’s wRonG”

  9. Posted by melneedsleeps, — Reply

    What is Todoroki doing in the tried pictures section? How on earth does that relate to this pin?

  10. Posted by halie03312006, — Reply

    That moment when ur here because of Ethan off of Unis Anonis sorry if I spelt it wrong

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