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  1. Posted by Lingon_berry, — Reply

    When your mom catches you her friends homemade brownies that your mom told you not to touch. "Oh what could go wrong?" *Floorboard creeks in the hallway* Mom: "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING EAT THOSE!!" but then you realize your moms friend is a dealer. Like if you get the joke!! #LifeWithCrazies

  2. Posted by elysefontes, — Reply

    More like: when ur trying to hold in a huge fart at a formal dinner. You accidentally let her rip and everyone starts staring at you, and ur just holding back a laugh.

  3. Posted by AlecBeery, — Reply

    more like my mom begging me to make two burritos istead of one so she can lay back down and rewatch gilmore girls for the 800th time

  4. Posted by arguello913, — Reply

    It’s weird how they have this mom sense like for example a few months ago I barely turned my tablet on and my grandma randomly walks in and I’m like😱😱😱😱😱how did you know and she’s just like😏😏😏😏😏mom sense!

  5. Posted by doggobaby, — Reply

    My favorite thing about this scene is that rats physically cannot throw up, so the soup was bad enough to defy nature.

  6. Posted by pmjohnson01, — Reply

    Omg this actually happened to me two days ago and when my mo found there was a complete silence lol

  7. Posted by purifiedwahter, — Reply

    When the demon catches you eating a head of lettuce on the floor at 2 am amirite fellow kids

  8. Posted by drewsteidl, — Reply

    When your mom catches you spitting out her "famous" hot dish that she made just for you

  9. Posted by MamaCrow00, — Reply

    When you're eating fistfulls of shredded cheese at 3am and the lights turn on

  10. Posted by loveiswierd, — Reply

    That's me when I hear a noise at 2am in the morning....THE DEMONS ARE COMING!!!

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