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11.7k Likes, 524 Comments - Cosmo Prof Beauty (@cosmoprofbeauty) on Instagram: “Goal: silvery grey hair to match roots 🌪 Total service time: 11 hours⏰ Artist: @jackmartincolorist…”


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    Así lo tengo yo sin necesidad de teñirlo. Use un producto platinador varias veces y ahora solo uso una vez al mes un producto wella para platinar canas

  2. Posted by peacefuldivorce, — Reply

    I did the same thing and it literally destroyed my hair! It look YEARS to grow back healthy as I kept cutting off the fried, over processed hair.

  3. Posted by luckysinnimon, — Reply

    Photos don’t always show a person’s underlying skin tone. If warm toned....not optimal to go silver-if cool toned, have at it!! It will be as complimentary as your silver jewelry is to your skin. Regardless, the stylist did an awesome job in one session-wow!

  4. Posted by joliegreen, — Reply

    My transition from dying to my gray was great. My stylist used 2 or 3 gray colors to highlight and lowlight once and it was done. The new gray dyes did the trick. There is a process that removes color rather than bleaching as well.

  5. Posted by kikip, — Reply

    I am in the process of growing mine out. I have light golden blonde (bleached) hair mixed with brown and silver. I go back and forth between just letting it grow and doing a blend. my hair is so ultra fine and thin that I do not think it could handle it.

  6. Posted by carolnoble80, — Reply

    You have to pull the color out in order to put color in I think. Maybe this is why it’s so bad for your hair. Mine is silver and I have this hideous red on the ends I can’t stand but my hair is so damaged trying to be a correct red head. I’m better off cutting mine off and leaving it alone. I will end up with the silver fad that is in right now anyways. Sigh...

  7. Posted by hubbub1218, — Reply

    It looks terrific! I don't know about the damage issue people refer to. Though, since her hair was already processed... possibly. However, they did a great job of blending it! She is no longer a slave to coloring her hair!! The comment about she can't pull it off is so funny.. It is completely age appropriate. She looks like the spunky middle-age woman that she appears to be!

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    Congrats, you look 20 years older

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    I LOVE the gray!!!😍

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