Creamy Ranch Chicken (Crock Pot or Oven)


Today I am sharing another tried and true chicken recipe that was a huge hit with my family, Creamy Ranch Chicken - also known as Cream Cheese Ranch Chicken. CREAMY RANCH CHICKEN (Crock Pot Or


  1. Posted by missrissaroni, — Reply

    Turned out delicious, I shredded the chicken so that it went further because I was feeding more people than expected. We put it over mashed potatoes 🤤

  2. Posted by lathanvarnell, — Reply

    Made this tonight. Don't think I strayed too far from the recipe. It was very good. I served it over riced cauliflower.

  3. Posted by TillytHarding, — Reply

    Made this tonight for the first time and it was amazing!

  4. Posted by southyourmouth, — Reply

    This is so prefect for an easy weeknight meal!

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