I understand how everyone else is using their quirks to fly, but kiri... how? - iFunny :)


I understand how everyone else is using their quirks to fly, but kiri... how? – popular memes on the site ifunny.co


  1. Posted by alyssaong2007, — Reply

    He probs just had a running start and then just started jumping on people's heads to then jump in mid-air

  2. Posted by sondrasue332, — Reply

    Judging by the expression on his face, I think he’s asking himself the exact same question Actually, hold up I think he got THROWN. Look at everyone’s hands behind him.

  3. Posted by brodell48, — Reply

    This bird keeps himself in the air by force of sheer manliness.

  4. Posted by iremdilberc, — Reply

    //out of act// Everyone talking 'bout Kirishima, Bakugo and Yaoyoruzu, but is noone gonna talk about Aoyama in the top left corner? How did he get there? I thought, he couldn't shoot for longer than a second....

  5. Posted by olivejar101, — Reply

    I love how Kirishima is proud and comfortable with his masculinity. Like he isn’t toxic about it, he’s okay with crying and his emotions. He understands the difference between gender roles and gender identity 💗

  6. Posted by hectorchavez070229, — Reply

    Breaking News! Local boy flies by the sheer power of manliness

  7. Posted by Tokoyami_Fumikage, — Reply

    He is a pure soul that uses his manliness to power through any situation and because he believes....I sound like peter pan oh dear pancakes....HhhhHhhH!!!

  8. Posted by bullenrobertj, — Reply

    Because in his eyes a real man shows emotion mercy compassion bravely trust courage boldness leadership ect ect so when he crys or sees someone cry in front of other's he thinks of it as being a man because they are brave and confident enough to do so

  9. Posted by AllMightOfficial, — Reply

    He probably went into hard boi mode and then went out of it to like give him something to slide out and then ran and jump :>

  10. Posted by ALivingHumanBeing, — Reply

    All I can think about is that Momo might’ve stabbed someone with her staff so she could propel herself...

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