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  1. Posted by ferretface336, — Reply

    Yeah yeah, that's cute and heartwarming and stuff, but it'd be better for him to go to a farm, if not eventually he'll grow so much wool that he literally is not able to move. If he's eaten he'll starve. So... Yay! FREE THE SHEEP!!!!!

  2. Posted by WildflwrFiesta, — Reply

    His name is Shrek and he lived in New Zealand.

  3. Posted by Leothedepressedtransguy, — Reply

    If you has the floofs you won’t poofs from existence, moral of the story: be floofy

  4. Posted by freddysmom10, — Reply

    Okay first of all, his name is Shrek and second, there are no wolves in New Zealand.

  5. Posted by savannah_pearce, — Reply

    I wander how many sweaters that thing can make

  6. Posted by Suz319, — Reply

    I'm amazed the animal can even walk anymore, being so bound up in mats.

  7. Posted by komikotanaka, — Reply

    Dude that's wooloo

  8. Posted by 3majorminor, — Reply

    The logic of this is on point 👏 👏

  9. Posted by kalderman79, — Reply

    What a cute floofy poof ☺️

  10. Posted by AmazonLilySovereign, — Reply

    His name is Shrek btw

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