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Nine Favorites Things: From intense Colorado weather, to the amazing photography of Kristen Kilpatrick, to Pinterest inspirations, to Q & A's, to new videos, to her trip to LA, to links she is loving, to her favorite early spring finds...Tieghan's got you covered!


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    I'm always so scared to wear makeup and girly clothes because I'm worried people in my family will tell me not to. It's sad that I feel this way with my own fam.. I wish I could hold a middle finger to the world and say "FUCK WHAT Y'ALL THINK!" ..but I can't.. Next year. I promise myself. I will be me. No matter how hard it is, I'll get there... I know that.

  4. Posted by Fuyumi29, — Reply

    That's right sir my life was never mine after I started school

  5. Posted by codyyking, — Reply

    good stuff. always listen to your inner voice.

  6. Posted by carole_baez, — Reply

    Well said. I like this one. Wound clinic painful. Carry on

  7. Posted by isabelburleson, — Reply

    Very true.

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    Awesome Quotes <3

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    Good point.

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    Me gusto la nueva foto

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