Personal trainer's warning to men who want to look 'shredded'


Owner of Sydney's Paragon Strength gym Nick Cheadle, who has spent a decade perfecting his physique, knows how much hard work goes into a 'shredded' body.


  1. Posted by elbertdoolittle, — Reply

    The more cut you are, the less mystique you have. Everything in America is a compulsion and an overkill. C’est carrément ennuyeux!

  2. Posted by darkrage1138, — Reply

    Without edit ironically looks better, healthier, more hydrated. The edit makes it look like he hasn't had water in days.

  3. Posted by gingerte, — Reply

    Looks better without edit

  4. Posted by kiramatrona, — Reply

    É impressão minha ou ele só malhou uma perna e agr tá todo desproporcional?

  5. Posted by KeefeTroubleSencen, — Reply

    His thighs look just creepy in the second one.

  6. Posted by khart115, — Reply

    Its just the contrast boosted. A lot of people do that. And idk why

  7. Posted by lauraaa0055, — Reply

    Really... It's a shit. Ficou realmente uma merda mesmo...

  8. Posted by adaybreak, — Reply

    OMG Now I know why but guys always look so freaky in photos.

  9. Posted by jackfountain, — Reply

    The only difference is shadow effects. 🙄

  10. Posted by glossyxcx, — Reply

    he still buff doe

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