Baked Salmon in Foil with Asparagus and Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce


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  1. Posted by kaliahylands, — Reply

    I personally found the timing ok, using asparagus tips. No hot sauce at home, so used Italian herbs, chilli & pepper flakes instead. Tasted absolutely awesome!! New addition to family favourites.

  2. Posted by anetstev2, — Reply

    Made this last week end. Cooking time needs extending but, everything else was just great. Got some salmon in Sainburys today in sell off bit. Now in freezer and ready to do it all again xx

  3. Posted by lavern_dunn, — Reply

    Turned out great, cooked salmon and asparagus in separate foil packs. Added Parmesan cheese to the asparagus at the end. Used red pepper flakes instead of hot sauce. Survey with garlic butter Parmesan rice

  4. Posted by juneaupup, — Reply

    husband loved it. I picked this recipe because he had a short time for dinner between work and an event he was going to. I agree it took over double the cooking time even using a skinny salmon filet and pencil thin asparagus!

  5. Posted by robinshick, — Reply

    Very good. As noted by others, it took double the time to cook. Next time I will blanch the asparagus but not long. My asparagus was on the larger side. And my fisherman brings in nice thick salmon, so keep in mind your thickness. Will make again!

  6. Posted by khaleelahbrisco, — Reply

    This was amazing. Definitely had to double the cooking time to 24 minutes but it was perfect and so flavorful. I will be making this again!

  7. Posted by stifflace, — Reply

    I made this recipe tonight and my husband and I loved it. The flavor was amazing! I added the teaspoon of honey too. Everything cooked perfectly and I only added a coupe exra minutes to the cooking time. I will definitely make this again!

  8. Posted by autumnbound, — Reply

    The salmon needed about twice the cooking time, as noted by others. Asparagus was a bit overdone--but at least the broth made it soft instead of burnt. Salmon was delicious, cilantro was good, asparagus was good but not the most flavorful since the juice just runs off. (Got fresh Atlantic salmon at a reasonable price at ALDI.)

  9. Posted by rhoyalrhapsody, — Reply

    It was savory. I would cook the asparagus separately next time because I like my asparagus firm. Cooking with salmon made it too soft.

  10. Posted by deeandbobl, — Reply

    As others have noted, cooking time was not enough. Also salmon was done before asparagus. All in all I have much better recipes

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