this is great


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  1. Posted by Soulless98, — Reply

    I thought it was gonna be something where you think it's a tail whereas it's not, but then it showed the cat with a bunch of pencils on its paws

  2. Posted by vipashasharma92, — Reply

    Thought of something heroic by the background and it was one as years and years of practice is needed for that art😂

  3. Posted by mishadenoir, — Reply

    I just hoped it was not gonna end up showing someone with a tail butt plug

  4. Posted by bobloveslizards, — Reply

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  5. Posted by MasterOfMice, — Reply

    I guess I’m a thousand years the kitty will become a pawssil 😂😂 I’ll see myself out

  6. Posted by michelle7li1321, — Reply

    I thought it was gonna end up being a tarantula foot

  7. Posted by mangleslash, — Reply

    the master lmao

  8. Posted by alexis20013, — Reply

    I thought it was gonna be a raccoon or something

  9. Posted by leafsvsganon, — Reply

    I can’t breathe! This is amazing!!!

  10. Posted by jameswarrenmccoy, — Reply

    I thought they where into some kinky shit

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