Using Your Bullet Journal to Crush Your Fitness Goals ⋆ The Petite Planner


You use your bullet journal to prioritize your life. With this post, I will show you how to use your journal to achieve your fitness goals.


  1. Posted by manda_hope, — Reply

    This kind of stuff reminds me of when I was suffering from an eating disorder. I would record all this stuff along with how many calories I ate everyday. Be careful, because this seems a little obsessive.

  2. Posted by Real_Lynnksy, — Reply

    When I first saw the numbers, I freaked out (as an enthusiastic psychology major). But I then realized that I, 5'5" and 115ish lbs, am not far from 105 lbs, and almost any shorter person could totally achieve 105 lbs healthily.

  3. Posted by yuperdoodle55, — Reply

    I think this is a great way to track where you are at. I've used this for a while know and I really love it!

  4. Posted by DallasWinstonFan, — Reply


  5. Posted by sbellabell1, — Reply

    i’m petite, around 5’1 (i’m 14) and i’m like 105-108(max 108) so idk is that healthy or what

  6. Posted by gabriellealeena, — Reply

    I'm petite (4'9)and next to no muscle 171 rn but shooting for 100!

  7. Posted by leslie_keele, — Reply

    I really liked adding the body measurements.

  8. Posted by twentyfairy, — Reply

    Make a vision board / page for the wedding / weight loss goals

  9. Posted by RoyalRae2k, — Reply

    120!???? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. Posted by epritchey, — Reply

    You should post your workout routine as well!!!

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